The Area and Perimeter of a Playground

Using this map of a neighborhood playground, find its area in square meters.   Additionally, the neighbors want to build a chain-link fence around the playground.  They can determine the number of meters needed for fencing by finding the perimeter (or distance around) the playground boundaries or the total length of the playground's dimensions. A math… Continue reading The Area and Perimeter of a Playground

Reading Tabular Information: Teachers’ Book Shelves

PROBLEM: The table below gives totals for the number of books in 5 third-grade classrooms. One of the teachers is Sarah’s teacher and one is Ben’s teacher. Sarah’s teacher has 20 more books than Ben’s teacher. Who is Sarah’s teacher? Teacher Number of Books Mrs. Alvarez 125 Mr. Benton 132 Ms. Collins 162 Miss Dillard… Continue reading Reading Tabular Information: Teachers’ Book Shelves

Trading Cards and Multiplication Tables

PROBLEM: If you place, on an empty table top, five rows of trading cards with three in each row, then how many cards will be on the table? This problem exemplifies Power-Start Goal #3 of knowing from memory the one-digit multiplication facts and Power-Start Goal #4 use operations (here multiplication) to solve problems.  Knowing the… Continue reading Trading Cards and Multiplication Tables

Subtraction within 1000: 704 – 356

If a student responds on an end-of-third grade, world-class assessment that 704 -- 356 = 348, then that's an indication of being on track to graduate from high school on par with students from high-achieving nations.  This question involving subtraction within 1000 also indicates that the student meets Power-Start Goal #1 (sense number size &… Continue reading Subtraction within 1000: 704 – 356